Banding machine US-2100

The Ultra-Sonic machine for wide bands

Wide bands for the perfect market presence

The new Ultra-Sonic banding machine processes paper and film bands 75 mm and 100 mm wide. Equipped with a digital control unit and servomotors the US-2100 corresponds to the state of the art. The products are bound with the wide bands, torsionally strong and yet protecting the edges of the product. At the same time, the product has greater stability.

Additionally a large and effective advertising surface is gained by multicolor imprinting of the band.

  • 2-fold sonotrode system
  • Including a motor powered band dispenser
  • Less maintenance due to the cold welding technology
  • No heating time, immediately operational
  • No odor build up
  • With digital control unit
Ultra sonic US 2100, ATS banding machine, digital control unit


  • Printer position control for imprinted bands