Data Connectivity, Collection and Automation & Control

For integrating metal detector performance data into production line management information systems

The collection of traceability and performance validation data, regulatory compliance and meeting due diligence obligations are essential requirements for your business. However, gathering data efficiently and effectively from your processes can be a challenge. Data collection solutions from METTLER TOLEDO can simplify the process.

Safeline metal detectors can utilise a wide range of data collection methods to ensure you always have the correct information available to meet the demands of your business and your customers. From simple plug-in hand-held printers to USB data collection and on to advanced electronic connectivity solutions, there is a Mettler Toledo solution available to suit your requirements.

Mettler Toledo – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the main distributor of Mettler Toledo in Middle East. Since 1994  Al Thika has been supplying a wide range of machineries including Garvens dynamic checkweighing systems, Safeline X-ray inspection, Safeline integrated metal detection systems and CI-Vision inspection systems in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mascat, Oman and many other Gulf countries.