Combined Packaging Machine Solutions by Pattyn

Combining the proven technology of Pattyn standard solutions, Pattyn has developed 3 new combined packaging machines. These combined solutions allow for optimal use of limited space.

Combined bag inserter, hopper, bag sealer Ultim-21-S

Ultim-21-S combines 3 units in only one machine

The Ultim-21-S combines 3 units in only one machine: a bag inserting unit, a product receiving unit with an integrated hopper and a bag sealing unit. This monobloc tray lining machine offers the most suitable solution to pack semi-liquid products (such as melted cheese) and bulk solids (such as fish, meat, fruit, vegetables …) into low trays or plastic crates. The products need to be dropped automatically at one filling position.


  • To pack bulk solids into low trays or crates
  • Bag is regusseted and top sealed after filling to ensure 100% product protection
  • 24/7 reliable operation
  • Automatically lines low containers and ensures perfectly closed bags.

Combined Case erector – Bag inserter CEFLEX-41

CEFLEX-41 combines case erecting and bag inserting in only one machine

With the CEFLEX-41 you combine case erecting and bag inserting in only one machine. Available in tape or hot melt execution.

This combined machine has a compact footprint and runs with made-to-measure bags or pre-made bags from a 12kg reel or with made-to-measure bags from a 60kg reel.

The Ceflex-41 runs up to 12 c/min (depending on the box sizes).


  • Compact footprint
  • Continuous operation thanks to the automatic film roll exchange for 12 kg rolls (optional)
  • One single 15″ HMI operating the touch panel

Quality control, product counter & batch creator CQC

CQC module integrates 3 functions

Developed by Pattyn Bakery Division, this economic solution for production lines dedicated to long products (baguettes, barras or subway sticks for example) makes very high production capacity possible.

The CQC module integrates 3 functions:
– Quality control using 3D vision of the products and individual rejection of defective products.
– Product counting.
– Batch creation.


  • Designed to control, count and pack long bakery products in specified quantities
  • 3 functions in a very compact machine thanks to the use of industrial vision technology
  • Dedicated to the bakery industry


Al Thika Packaging is the distributor of Pattyn in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika Packaging has been supplying case erector, bag inserter, filler, case packaging and combines solutions machines for food, pharmaceuticals and beverage industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, BahrainOman and the many other Gulf countries.


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