Increased yields, improved quality and enhanced productivity are the result of Key’s technical expertise and years of experience solving sorting challenges. Key sorters provide superior sorting results as they detect and remove defects and foreign material (FM) based on color, structure, shape, size or biochemical characteristic differences in a single sorting pass.

Key Technology – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging LLC is the exclusive distributor of Key Technology company in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika has been supplying digital sorting, processing and conveying machine for food and non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and many other Gulf countries.

Blueberry sorting,processing machine,sorter,sorting machine


Increase yield while ensuring consistently perfect berries.

Fresh or frozen, consumers demand high quality and consistency. Key Technology designs and manufactures reliable sorting, conveying, cleaning and grading equipment customised for your process to help you deliver premium blueberries.

Cranberry sorting,processing machine,sorter,sorting machine


Achieve unmatched product quality, yield, and line productivity.

Key Technology’s integrated systems are custom built for your operation, to help you consistently sort, convey, and process perfectly ripened cranberries, without damage, defects or foreign material.

DicedSliced Fruit sorting,processing machine,sorter,sorting machine

DicedSliced Fruit

Achieve quality standards with systems custom engineered for your process.

Whether you process sliced, diced, or chunk fruit, your business depends on finished products that are free of foreign material and defects. Send your best fruits, slices, and dices safely down the line for fresh-pack, frozen, and prepared food markets with integrated sorting, processing and conveying systems from Key Technology.

Wine Grapes Cluster sorting,processing machine,sorter,sorting machine

Wine Grapes Cluster

Systems that give you the power to control wine quality at a whole new level.

Key Technology’s solutions for wineries can be utilised separately or configured as an integrated system, includes a receiving hopper, cluster sorting table, post-destemmer sorting table with MOG (material other than grape) separating system, and colour sorters.  These stainless steel systems help wineries improve their product quality while redirecting labour to other tasks.

fresh produce sorting machine,snack sorting maching,OPTYX DIGITAL CAMERA/LASER SORTER,

Optyx Digital Camera/Laser Sorter

The Optyx® family of belt sorters is configurable with a range of sensor options for single or double-sided viewing of the product stream on low to medium-capacity applications.

Optyx precisely sorts and manages separation of the product stream into two or three sort ways.

Optyx sorters are available in a flexible range of product configurations tailored to each customer’s application needs, helping food processors achieve their quality objectives at maximum yield.


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