100% productivity from both right and left

Versatility is a key concept in the packaging sector because it helps widen the possible solutions that we can offer to our customers, who have different needs. On the basis of this concept, Smipack offers several packaging solutions with the product moving from the right and left side.

This change is not limited only to the operator side; the product also moves from the left to the right, instead of the standard direction, from the right to the left.

Smipack, HS shrink wrap machine

The models that can be managed in this special version are:

FP6000CS, HS 500E, HS 500, HS 700 and their shrink tunnels.

These requests will obviously be handled as non-standard, with longer delivery times (on average 90-120 days from the order date) and with price rates that are different from the ones of the traditional versions.

For further details and information, please contact our sales department.