Green Onions / Leeks

Stainless Banding – Banding Vegetables in a Damp Environment

Banding vegetables, banding machine, vegetable banding machine


Stem vegetables, such as green onions or leeks, should be carefully banded in bundles. It should also be possible to label them. Fresh vegetables and the environment in which such products are banded are very damp. The products must not be damaged in any way.


The desired number of stem vegetables are removed from the conveyor belt and then banded. The machine has a vertical construction to prevent the dirt particles from falling into the banding assembly, thus protecting the individual components from possible contamination. This guarantees uninterrupted and low-maintenance operation.


  • The products are bundled in sales-promoting units without being damaged.
  • The product appears fresher and more appealing because it is not compressed in plastic wrap.
  • The printed bands fulfill three functions simultaneously by holding the vegetables together, displaying the EAN codes for the cashier and advertising for the company and product.
US-2000, Al thika packaging, ATS, vegetable banding
US-2000, Al thika packaging, ATS, vegetable banding