Hydraulic forks are used for double-deep stacking, one sided loading of trucks and trains, for dual load transport and as extensions when a variety of different pallet sizes are used. This range is unique in that each time has its own cylinder, meaning that Meijer Handling Solutions hydraulic extendable forks can be extended and retracted as fast as pantographs which are frequently used in America and Asia.

The sliding fork attachments are fitted with an integrated synchronisation system allowing the forks to be extended and retracted in unison. It is even possible to fit these telescopic forks with cameras to aid overhead pallet stacking.




Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced a range of hydraulic forks for narrow aisle forklifts that are ideal for double-deep pallet storage. This so called Single-Range is unique because each tine has its own cylinder, meaning that KOOI-ReachForks® can be extended and retracted as fast as pantographs.

Double-deep stacking increases warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to “single-deep” warehouse operations. Because telescopic KOOI-Forks can reach almost twice as far as normal forks the warehouse racking at each side of the aisle can be doubled.

  • More speed than a double cylinder telescopic fork.
  • Smaller blade section for easier and save pallet entrée.
  • Model TFG2 and TRG2 specially designed for very narrow aisle application.


MSE FORKS Loading unloading

Meijer Handling Solutions has launched a range of double-cylinder ReachForks that are ideal for one-sided loading and unloading by counterbalanced forklift trucks. One-sided (un)loading is mainly used on counterbalanced lift trucks. The forklift travels a considerably shorter distance, which results in faster operations and is also safer as the forklift remains in plain view of any person in the vicinity. This application not only saves time it also reduces fuel usage because less distance is travelled. Another advantage is that the required space for the loading and unloading operation is smaller as the forklift does not have to drive around the combo.

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Increased internal storage space
  • Almost 30% faster than traditional loading – unloading
  • More power than single range telescopic forks.


Multi Pallet Handling by MSE

Ultra-narrow telescopic forks use a single cylinder for each tine and are ideal for handling beverage. Their width allows these telescopic forks to be used on multi-pallet handlers for lifting one, two or even four pallets. This does not just cut down on the time needed for (un)loading, it also produces substantial savings on fuel. When  adapting telescopic forks the pallet handlers have the possibility to (un)load trucks with two pallets at the same time from one side, or even lift four pallets at the same time.

  • 35% reduce of internal transport costs.
  • Clever design means the outer tubes no longer contact the lower pallet timbers.
  • Very small blade section makes it possible to handle just one pallet.
  • Standard capacities available to handle pallet loads with a weight of ± 925 kg.
  • Handling one, two or four pallets at the same time.



Dual-Pallet handling is used for transporting two pallets at a time. This means internal transport costs can be reduced by 50% saving both time and money for the end-user. Dual load handling also helps reduce energy costs and lowers lift truck usage which helps reduce overall equipment life cycle costs. These forks are constructed so that the movable outer forks do not catch on pallet stringers or slats.

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • No ergonomically issues like with manual extensions.
  • Safe operation while the drivers stays seated.



Meijer Handling Solutions is able to offer telescopic forks for extreme capacities. In fact, we can produce forks with capacities in excess of 58,000 kg, (127,000 lbs.)! By working very closely with the engineers of the lift truck manufacturers, our engineers are able to develop KOOI-REACHFORKS® that meet all needs. Because these telescopic forks are often quite unique, our engineering team can provide “step”-files in order for the OEM engineers to fit those forks into their own 3D drawings for testing and to ensure a successful solution. Capacities between 14 and  26 tons are common however, we have the ability to produce even higher capacities.

  • WITH CAPACITIES OF MORE THAN 10.500kg (23,100 lbs)



To please our customers in the best way, we can offer a wide range of product options for the hydraulic extendable forks. In this way, your lift truck forks are fully customized to meet the needs of your specific material handling application.

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