Safeline X-ray Inspection System

Mettler Toledo X-ray product Inspection machine for food, pharma & beverage industries

The X-ray inspection system by Mettler Toledo Safeline is a leading solution for contamination detection and quality control inspection. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide rely on our in-line x-ray inspection machine to protect the welfare of consumers and safeguard brand reputations, minimise the risk of expensive product recalls and help with regulatory compliance.

Safeline x-ray inspection system offer safety and quality assurance at every stage of the production process for raw, bulk-flow (loose), pumped and packaged products. Neither foil nor metallised film packaging affects the sensitivity of contaminant detection by x-ray.

X-ray inspection system, food inspection

X-ray Inspection solutions by Mettler Toledo Safeline

Enhance Product Safety and Quality Control

Packaged Product Inspection

X ray inspection systems provide complete contamination detection within products in various types of retail packaging.

Packaged Product X-ray Inspection Systems
Packaged Applications
A range of single or multiple retail packaging’s can be inspected, from small to large formats.
Contamination Detection
Physical contaminants such as metal, glass, dense plastic, mineral stone and calcified bone can be detected in a wide range of packaging materials without product effects.
Product Quality Checks
X-ray systems can simultaneously measure mass, check fill levels and detect missing and damaged products at high production line speeds.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
The most energy efficient and adaptable x-ray system available, offering a future-proof investment and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Glass Container Inspection

Glass inspection systems offer unsurpassed contamination detection within products in glass bottles and jars.

Glass inspection, X-ray inspection
Glass Applications
Safeline X-ray inspection systems are ideal for the detection of glass-in-glass and other contaminants within a wide range of glass containers, ensuring complete product safety.
Quality Control
Our glass x-ray systems are capable of simultaneously performing multiple quality control inspection routines.
Improved X-Ray Container Inspection
Multiple x-ray beams reduce blind spots in the glass container and optimise detection in the base, neck and sidewall of the bottle or jar.
Cost-Effective Quality Assurance
Glass-in-glass x-ray detection systems automatically detect and reject contaminated glass containers from the production line, at very high line speeds.

Canned Food Inspection

X-ray inspection equipment provides outstanding contamination detection with complete quality assurance for food packaged in cans.

X-ray inspection for can, X-ray inspection, Mettler Toledo X-ray inspection
Canned Applications
Detection of contaminants including metal within food, beverages and pet food packaged in a variety of metal cans.
In-line Quality Checks
Product integrity checks, such as monitoring fill levels and detecting damaged cans, can be performed simultaneously to contamination detection.
Increased probability of Detection
X-ray inspection systems for metal cans offer complete coverage, increasing the probability of contaminant detection.
Avoid Product Recalls
Canned food x-ray systems simply straddle existing production conveyors and take up minimum line space, providing quick, easy and cost effective inspection.

Unpackaged Product Inspection

Safeline’s x-ray detection equipment provides unrivalled contamination detection in unpacked food products.

Unpackaged Product X-ray Inspection Systems
Unpackaged Applications
Inspection of unpackaged products such as frozen pizzas, loose-flow products like burger patties and dough balls, as well as pumped and bulk products.
 Contamination Detection
Food Xray inspection systems are specifically designed to detect unwanted contaminants within the product, regardless of their shape or location.
 Cost Saving
X-ray machines placed early in the production line ensure contaminants can be removed at the source and immediately traced back to the supplier.
 Complete Quality Assurance
Safeline Xray systems deliver the highest detection sensitivity, ensuring accuracy, reliability and ease of operation for all unpackaged products.

Bulk Product Inspection

Bulk x-ray equipment provides outstanding contamination detection and quality control in bulk-flow (loose) products prior to packaging.

Bulk X-Ray Inspection Systems
Bulk Applications
Inspection of Bulk, loose and unpackaged conveyorised products, typically pet food, nuts, cereals, fruits & vegetables and meat, before processing and packaging.
Improved Food Inspection
Detection sensitivity is increased due to a homogenous layer of product during inspection, ensuring easy contamination detection.
High Throughput Capabilities
A troughed belt and adjustable levelling plates retain product on the belt, minimising spillage and improving the transport of the product at a constant depth.
Minimum Product Waste
Bulk food products are inspected before further value is added and removed via multi-flap reject systems.

Pipe Product Inspection

Pipe x-ray equipment provides unsurpassed contaminant detection in pumped products (typically meat and poultry), slurries, semi-solids and fluids.

X-ray inspection system, Safeline Xray
Pipeline Applications
X ray inspection of slurries, semi solids and fluids in the food industry such as meat and poultry, dairy, bakery.
Superior Product Safety
Pipeline xray inspection systems deliver outstanding detection of contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, calcified bone and high-density plastic, protecting consumers and helping you to avoid product recalls.
High Inspection Throughput
Pipe x-ray equipment is capable of inspecting food products at a rate of up to 18 tonnes per hour, dependant on the application, without damaging the product.
Reducing Product Waste
X ray systems for pumped products are typically used to inspect products at the early stages of production, to minimise wastage and to save costs.

Why choose Mettler Toledo Xray Inspection Systems

  • Reliable Product Safety

    Through Outstanding Detection Sensitivity.

  • Maximum Uptime and Ease-of-Use

    Through Automated Product Set-up Capabilities.

  • Reduce Product Waste

    Through Minimum False Reject Rates.

  • Secure Brand Protection

    With Class-leading X-ray Software Capabilities.

  • Outstanding Reliability

    With Global Service & Local Support.


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Mettler Toledo, X-ray inspection, canned food inspection


Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers use x-ray inspection systems to maximise product quality and safety. Advanced systems are able to detect physical contaminants in products whilst simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing an x-ray inspection system protects the brand and reputation of manufacturers while avoiding the risks of potentially expensive product recalls.

X-ray inspection is highly effective at detecting a range of dense physical contaminants including all metals, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density plastics and rubbers. In addition to identifying contaminants, x-ray systems can perform a wide range of in-line quality control checks for product integrity, including; measuring zoned and gross mass, identifying missing or broken parts, monitoring fill levels, detecting product trapped within the seal and checking for damaged products and packaging.

The radiation dose levels used for x-ray inspection in the food and pharmaceutical industries are extremely low and have no effect on product safety, flavor or texture. The use of x-ray inspection equipment is highly-regulated and increasingly common. Modern x-ray systems are perfectly safe in working environments as long as recommended safety guidance is followed.

An x-ray system can be installed at the beginning of a process to inspect incoming raw goods, at any stage during the manufacturing processing or at the end of the production line. Using the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) process is the surest way to ensure products are free from contaminants. Manufacturers should perform a review of the production process and identify risks to product safety. Where a risk of physical contamination is identified, a Critical Control Point (CCP) should be established. In many cases, this can be early in the production process to identify and remove contaminants before adding value to the product. In other circumstances, it may be more practical to inspect during manufacturing or at the end of the production process prior to shipping of the product.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key measure of performance. The information required to monitor OEE is readily available from a quality x-ray inspection system. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray can contribute to OEE in many ways through:

  • Maximised throughput
  • Robust equipment design
  • Faster product changeovers and new product set-ups
  • Improved Performance Verification Routines (PVRs) performed in line without the need for line stoppage
  • On screen / remote statistics

False Reject Rate (FRR) is defined as the percentage of falsely rejected products on a production line. Our advanced x-ray inspection software automates product set-up and changeovers to ensure outstanding detection sensitivity levels, minimizing false rejects.

Incorporating x-ray inspection systems into a company-wide product inspection program to ensure product safety and quality helps food manufacturers to comply with national and international regulations, local legislation and standards set by retailers, opening new trade markets.

The product being produced and the type of likely contaminants will help you determine whether an x-ray system or metal detector is the most suitable technology. You should consider the outcome of your HACCP review. In some cases, using both technologies at different critical control points (CCP’s) may be the best option.

Service contracts should form part of any x-ray system purchase. Regular servicing of an x-ray system, including performance verification, will ensure it is operating at the optimum level of performance. This will prevent food safety issues. Preventative maintenance enables manufacturers to avoid downtime issues due to unexpected maintenance work.

Mettler Toledo is a market leader in x-ray inspection for the food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries. We are experienced in providing product inspection solutions for products in unpackaged formats as well as in a wide variety of packaged formats such as glass jars, metal cans and other retail packaging.

A global network of service engineers are on-hand to guide manufacturers on how to optimize the performance of inspection systems. We support and service x-ray equipment through its entire lifecycle.

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