SmartLase F200 industrial laser Printer

Industrial laser printer for bare metals & polymers by Markem Imaje

The SmartLase F200 printer, compliments our SmartLase C Series CO2 range, is designed to be a high quality code solution for polymers and bare metals. The F200 provides permanent high quality, high contrast codes on a variety of rigid plastics (PE/PP), bare metals and other substrates commonly used in food and cosmetics as well as other industries. The permanence of these codes ensures the long-term traceability of your product.

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Material Type

Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Copper Cables | Copper Wires | Metalised Labels | Power Cables | Pouches | Plastic Films | Pipes | Metal Industrial Parts | Machined Metal Parts | Formed Metals Parts | Electrical Devices | Cans | Cables | Belts | Aluminium Foil Lids


Oil and Gas | Soft Drinks | Snack Food | Pharmaceuticals | Pet Food | Personal Care | Industrial Components | Food | Extrusion | Electronics | Electrical | Dairy | Cosmetics | Confectionery | Beverage | Automotive | Aerospace


Medium | Low

laser printer, laser coder, marking Markem Imaje, fiber laser, SmartLase

laser printer, laser coder, marking Markem Imaje, fiber laser, SmartLase

laser printer, laser coder, marking Markem Imaje, fiber laser, SmartLase

laser printer, laser coder, marking Markem Imaje, fiber laser, SmartLase

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SmartLase F200 fiber laser printer brochure

Your benefits of SmartLase F200

  • High contrast permanent coding onto metals, plastic to ensure long-term traceability.
  • Superior laser source lifetime = 100,000 hours.
  • Easy head integration due to the print head compactness: 460mm.
  • Pointing diode facilitates accurate code placement on the substrate.
  • Print speed capability up to 120m/min**.
  • Capable of generating complex messages including 1D or 2D barcode: four fonts available.
  • Centralised message control with an optional PC software tool.
  • Logos, graphics, one & two-dimensional barcodes.
  • Operates in environments up to 43°C (109°F)*.
  • No plant air or water is required for cooling.

Your challenges

You need a laser printer that prints permanent high-contrast codes onto metal and polymers to ensure traceability. You need a printer with a superior laser lifetime (up to 100,000 hours) that can operate in extremely hot environments, up to 43°C (109°F).

Our solutions

The SmartLase F200 laser coder is specifically designed to print high quality, high contrast codes on a wide range of plastics such as PE and PP, as well as on bare metals and other difficult substrates. It’s the perfect printing technology for sensitive industries like the food and cosmetics markets, where traceability is an important factor in the lifecycle of products.

Key benefits

The F200 fiber laser coder can generate complex messages, including 1D or 2D coding, in a variety of fonts and at speeds of up to 120 meters per minute. A large range of lenses meets specific applications for projects large and small – character coding can be achieved for marking starting at just 1mm in height. An intuitive hand-held touch screen also facilitates easy control and editing of codes. The versatile and efficient coder can operate independently or integrated into a production line.

Markem Imaje – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the distributor of Markem Imaje in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika Packaging has been supplying traceability equipment, marking, coding printer and consumables for food, pharmaceuticals and beverage industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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