Banding as hygienic and tamper proof protection

banding food, banding machine, al thika packaging


Various dimensions of sushi packaging must be directly banded after commissioning. The entire production procedure, which is in a small space, must take place in a refrigerated environment in accordance with the required health and safety standards. The band may not damage the pressure sensitive product and should act as a hygienic and tamper proof protection.


The various sizes of sushi packaging are mixed and transported into the US-2000 CL-DMS. Sensors measure the format of the sushi package and the appropriate length of banding material is automatically programmed. After banding, these packages are moved onto a conveyor belt and out of the machine.


  • As a result of the defined fix length of the band the products are gently banded and not damaged.
  • In using a transparent band the address as well as the bar code information can still be scanned.
  • Through the programmed tension of the cold welding using ultrasound the hygienic as well as the tamper proof protection is given.
banding food, banding machine, al thika packaging, DMS
banding food, banding machine, al thika packaging