Horizontal Form Fill & Seal

Flow Pack wrappers (HFFS)

 ULMA Flow Pack (HFFS). Automatic machines for high productions. Horizontal packing machines using a single film coil with three weldings: two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. This type of packaging machine is aimed at food and non – food markets. Specific engineering for HFFS machines means no problems like product jamming in the machines, or “gumming up”, thus saving machine downtime.

Flow Pack (HFFS) has High Heat Resistance allows for increases in Seal Temperatures without the film burning. Higher Heat Sealing Temperatures means significantly Shorter Heat Dwell Times and noticeably faster machine line speeds. In Summary, a Higher and More Efficient Rate of Production.

ULMA – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the main distributor of ULMA Packaging in Middle East. Since 1994 till now Al Thika is supplying best packaging, wrapping and sealing machine in UAE, Mascat, Oman and the many other gulf region.

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