Al Thika Packaging supply genuine consumables

Lables for net, palnet, tubular knitted net, TTR ribbons, touch dry hot melt inks, stretch film, printed & clear bands, clipping wire, handles – handylift and bubble, void & cushion films

An integral part of our business is the supply of genuine consumables for use in our customers’ coding and marking equipment, banding and net bagging solutions, and shrink and stretch wrapping machines. We fully understand that our customers’ need these products delivered on time if production is not to suffer, and our commitment to meet that need means that we carry enormous quantities of inks, ribbons, bands, films etc. in a wide variety of colours, types, widths and lengths at our warehouses in Dubai. We have a dedicated store for temperature sensitive products, with two separate air-conditioning systems, to ensure product reaches our customers in perfect condition, even during the Gulf’s hot summer months.

Twenty years of experience supplying the G.C.C. market means that we are familiar with seasonal demands, documentation delays sometimes being forced upon us, the administration of imports from Europe, and re-exports throughout the Gulf. This helps us to preempt potential problems and take the necessary action in good time, to ensure prompt delivery.

  • Net Bagging

    The quality of our knitted tubular net is our mark of distinction. The extensive range of colors, widths and types of tissue improve the appearance of the product making it more attractive to the consumer.

    Light packaging: 1 gr of net can handle up to 1 kg
    Recyclable 100% Polyethylene
    Breathable: The net allows the fruit to breathe maintaining its qualities for much longer
    Food quality CE / FDA
    ISO and BRC Certification
    SCS: For better control of the packaging
    Maximum global production capacity
    Resistance: 1 gr of net can handle up to 1 kg
    Net patterns: Diamond mesh, D-net, Bolognia or Hexagonal
    Different widths and weights
    Wide range of colors
    Smart Consumables System (SCS)
    Play with the colours and net patterns ¡you will be surprised of the result!
    Use our GZ format. More autonomy
    SCS, to avoid operating mistakes
    We will advice you about the best knitted tubular net depending on your needs

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  • Coding

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