ATS Banding machine

Ecologically and economically sensible packaging with 100% recyclable banding paper option

ATS banding machines can be used anywhere – their range extends from movable machines to customised machines seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. They also function perfectly in moist, dusty and cold environments and are also suitable for use in clean rooms. The machines are also extremely easy to operate. ATS banding machines were developed in Switzerland, where they continue to be manufactured, and meet the highest quality requirements. They are extremely reliable, require little maintenance, and are energy-efficient.

Sustainable Banding Solutions  

Banding is the standard when ecologically and economically sensible packaging is important.

Environmentally friendly banding material made from paper or high-quality film holds the product together without the aid of adhesives. Bands are particularly suitable for packaging food products, such as fruit or vegetables as they do not emit any harmful substances. Banding material is also particularly gentle on the edges. Our banding machines are capable of infinitely variable adjustment of the tension to suit the product to which the band is applied. Banding is therefore particularly advantageous for bundling paper, cardboard or corrugated cardboard. All banding material can be printed with just-in-time information such as best-before dates or bar codes during banding. Additional labels or process steps are therefore superfluous. Your processes and logistics are improved.

Standard Line banding machine


banding machien,ATS banding,Ultra sonic sealing,banding

The powerful, proven and universally applicable standard banding machine with ultrasonic technology.

US-2000 AD more details
banding machien,ATS banding,Ultra sonic sealing,banding

The new Ultra-Sonic banding machine processes paper and film bands 75 mm and 100 mm wide.

US-2100 AD more details
US-2000 AD-A, banding machine

The US-2000 AD-A banding machine can be easily integrated into automated and fully automatic manufacturing and production lines.

US-2000 AD-A more details
US-2000 AD-P with continuous feed printer, ATs banding machine, paper banding by ATS

Banding and applying barcodes, expiry dates or batch numbers in one step: The cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible banding machine with a built-in continuous feed printer.

US-2000 AD-P more details

Corner Line


US 2000 CSW-DMS-R badnig system, US 2000 CSW, ATS US 2000 CSW

The corner line banding system with separation system

Fully automatic banding of printed product stacks.

Feeder Line


Al thika packaging LLC, US 2000 FAB A, ATS, banding machine, promotional packing

The folding bundler for edge-protection banding

The optimum machine behind folding systems or saddle stitchers.

Printer Line


US 2000 TTP, Al Thika Packaging, banding machine

Banding system with stacking alignment and declaration

Banding and labeling in one step.

Printer Line


US 2100 TTP, Al thika packaging, banding machine

The ultra-sonic machine for broad banding

Direct thermal printing of information on bands.


Table-top models – handy, mobile,immediately
ready for operation

banding machien,ATS banding,Ultra sonic sealing,banding

The space-saving table-top banding machine

Deployed in a wide range of sectors.

banding machien,ATS banding,Ultra sonic sealing,banding

The table-top banding machine for sensitive products

Ready for use immediately – no warm-up period.

banding machien,ATS banding,heat sealing,banding

The compact and mobile table-top banding machine

  With narrow welding plate for the smallest of products.

In which application area can we help you?

banding for food packaging

Food packaging

Printed bands made from paper or film bundles and label your food products. Free from adhesives, environmentally and customer friendly.

banding solution for Printed items and corrugated cardboard

Printed items and corrugated cardboard

Fully automated counting, stacking and bundling of corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes and printed items. Flexible and with no edge damage.

banding machine for Logistics & E-Commerce

Logistics & E-Commerce

Optimize and automate internal and external logistics processes and e-commerce with just-in-time printed bands.

banding machine for Industrial productiobanding machine for Industrial productionn

Industrial production

Fully automatic and reliable bundling and securing of finished or semi-finished products for further processing.

banding machine for Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Ecologically and economically sustainable, individually printed and flexible packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.

banding for Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging

From the manufacturer directly to the store shelf with no repackaging. Efficient along the entire supply chain, practical and ecological.

banding for Multipacks


Bundling products for logistic purposes or promotions with optionally printed bands made of paper or film.

Branding with Banding

Branding with Banding

Effective branding for all types of consumer goods with high-quality printed paper or film bands.

ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika has been supplying packaging and banding machines for food,  & non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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