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Ripack professional shrink wrap heat gun manufacturer providing multiple equipments including heat shrink guns, bag sealers, bagging stations, turbopack, ripaflam. Ripack heat shrink gun is famous worldwide. Discover our retail range and create your tailor-made solution. From shrink tools to cover sealers, Ripack offers the widest range of manual shrinking equipment on the market.

Ripack – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Ripack in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika Packaging has been supplying shrink gun equipment, bag sealer, turbopack and consumables for food, pharmaceuticals, non-food and beverage industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


Ripack Series 3000 Shrink Gun

The new RIPACK® Series 3000 can wrap a Euro-pallet of one-meter height in less than a minute with his heating power adjustable from 45 to 80kW. Ideal for heavy use for pallets wrapping, building containment, winterising boats and protecting large industrial areas. These 3000 heat shrink gun tools are used in a number of sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agri-food and transport/logistics.

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Heat Shrink Gun 2200

With 72 kW of power, the Ripack 2200 is the most powerful shrink gun on the market, with the Ripack Series 3000.  It also retains all of the key points that made its predecessors so popular:  safety (patented cold nozzle and secure pack), robust construction and quality.

For moderate use, the Ripack 2200 also offers the possibility of working on large areas (using extension poles).

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Ripack 2000 Heat Shrink Gun

You never feel restricted by the size, weight or fragility of your products again. The Ripack 2000 heat shrink heat gun enables you to easily and efficiently wrap all types of merchandise.  It’s gas bottle operation offers unrestricted mobility, with no electrical connection required.

Thanks to its high power (up to 72 kW), the application possibilities are endless: Product grouping on a pallet, wrapping different shaped products, protecting boats for winter storage, etc.

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Ripack Turbopack

The Turbopack is a heating column mounted on a trolley, and pushed effortlessly by the operator, to achieve fast and uniform shrink wrapping on covered pallets. The Turbopack shrinking column is the ideal solution for really significant quantities. Capable of shrinking more than 150 pallets a day.

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Ripack Bag Sealer

Easy to use, the MULTICOVER range of bag sealers enables you to have covers that fit your merchandise. With the Multicover 940 and 950 film sealers. Ripack makes it possible for you to make your own covers. The heat produced by your shrink gun together with the design of these Multicover sealers produces a strong seal suitable for protecting your goods.

Ripack, multicover, bag sealer

Accessories of shrink wrap gun

Gas cylinder trolleys

Gas cylinder trolleys for industrial shrink guns. Move your gas bottle and shrink gun around with ease and safety. Trolley type 936v2for 13 kg gas cylinder and type 932 for 33 kg gas cylinder.


– Robust metal construction, orange epoxy paintwork.
– Ideal for safely holding and transporting your gas bottles and shrink wrap equipment.
– Makes work with a gun and gas bottle so much easier.
– Assured stability
– Equipped with a fast release nylon retaining strap.
– Hose guide: Protects the hose from wear and possible damage.
– Gas gun support stand.
– Flat packed, easy assembly.

Hose reel winder

For safer use of the RIPACK® gun at a fixed station.

– Steel sheet drum (blue epoxy painted and fixed support with swing arm (white epoxy painted).

– Comes with an adjustable stop bar and ratchet system to prevent hose spooling.

– Comes equipped with 13 metres of high pressure gas hose (+ 2 metres outside), with crimp connectors.

– User and maintenance guide supplied

Film reel holder

The Multicover 9503 twin film roll holder enables you to use several film or sleeve types or formats without additional handling or time loss.

Multicover 9503 can be used alone or together with your sealer Multicover 940, 950 or 960.

For your various rolls of:

– Sleeving

– Flat film

– Sachet film

– Bubble wrap

– Pre-cut bags

– Kraft paper, etc.


Fast and easy to set up, Calpack enables you to shrink the film under the pallet, for optimal product stability.

Calpack can just as easily be used with a pallet trolley or a fork lift truck. The height has been calculated to enable the cover to catch perfectly onto the four corners of the pallet.

Calpack is designed for 800×1200 mm pallets. It comes equipped with wideners for 1000×1200 / 40”x40” / 40”x48” pallets as standard.


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