Adhesives for Carton, Case and box Sealing – Hotmelt adhesive

The quality customers deserve and the value they expect

Kizen hot melt adhesives for cardboard, carton, case, paper bag sealing.

From freezer and general purpose to low application temperature and thermal stability, Bostik’s innovative formulas enable our case and carton seal adhesives to maximise customers’ manufacturing efficiencies.

Next generation of hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing

Bostik’s Kizen® is based on innovative technology and offers ease of use and strong bonds on the case and carton sealing applications. In particular, this new packaging adhesive technology offers:

  • Fast set speed
  • Broad processing window
  • Good thermal stability
  • Adhesion to many substrates, including highly recycled corrugated

As a result, plants need only one adhesive to meet all case and carton sealing needs.

Additionally, with Kizen, packaging manufacturers finally experience the comfort, security and efficiency they deserve.

case adhesive, carton adhesive


Reduce pop-opens and improve case & carton sealing.


case sealing by adhesive, Bostik

Offering versatility to keep lines moving

Bostik’s robust line of adhesives for general purpose case and carton seal applications offer customers the versatility they need in running their production lines. These general purpose case and carton seal adhesives also provide optimum production flexibility.

Offering good machinability and excellent thermal stability, they help boost customers’ manufacturing efficiency, saving them time and money. By providing an excellent balance of heat and cold resistance for many conditions, our general purpose adhesives are also able to be used on a variety of different substrates in a range of environmental conditions.

From a unique innovative hotmelt technology, KIZEN has been designed for ease of use and strong bond performance for cardboard packaging, board lamination, paper bag sealing, tissue sealing, tray forming, envelope closing, box folding. All KIZEN products are packaged in 12 kilo bags.

KIZEN FORCE: “One fits all”, one of the most versatile Hot Melt Adhesive with high bonding on difficult substrates.

KIZEN HEAT: Dedicated to hot filling conditions and tropical countries.

KIZEN ICE: Devoted to extremely difficult substrates and deep freeze goods (-20°C).


Kizen, the next generation of hot melt adhesives for the case and carton sealing, revolutionises packaging plants and their production lines. KIZEN’s performance enhances all current hot melt adhesive options by:

  • Speed: By melting quickly, it optimises processes and makes it possible to meet production demands.
  • Thermal stability: It does not carbonize and prevents clogging of the nozzles. Reducing problems in the equipment save you a lot of time and makes it ideal for working with on-demand and intermittent distribution systems.
  • Temperature resistance: helps prevent unwanted openings of boxes and packages once they leave the production line. By resisting temperature fluctuations, it manages to minimize the return of goods.
  • Adhesion: Its low viscosity allows it to penetrate and adhere in all kinds of environments, even the most difficult, and in materials such as highly recycled cardboard. It offers specific adhesion to the material used and the detachment is excellent thanks to the tearing of its fibers.
  • Low density: Thanks to its properties, the continuous wire is not necessary. The consumption and saturation of the product are thus reduced and the aesthetics of the packaging improved.


Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Bostik company in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika has been supplying a wide range of hot melt adhesive, industrial food grade hot melt glue for food and non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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