Safeline Gravity Fall Metal Detector Systems

Metal detection system for bulk powder and granular product applications

Our high performance, gravity fall metal detection systems seamlessly detect and reject contaminants in free-falling, powdered and granular food, cosmetic and chemical product applications. Our efficient rejection systems, latest productivity optimising technology, and ability to integrate with your existing equipment will speed up your operations and help maximise your profits!

Gravity Fall Profile Metal Detector

Gravity Fall Profile Metal Detector

Gravity fall metal detector with full colour touchscreen control and optional ATEX/IECEx compliance for explosive atmospheres. For powders and granular products inspection.

Throat Profile Metal Detector

Throat Profile Metal Detector, safeline, MT, Product Inspection

Vertical fall/gravity-fed metal detector, controlled from a full colour touchscreen operator interface, for inspecting free falling products in-flight.

Set up could not be easier through a choice of easy to use intuitive operator interfaces which can be located either adjacent to, or remotely from the working environment.

Key Panel HMI – a robust, menu-driven membrane key panel provides access to the detectors operating system. An intuitive, multiple-language interface maximises operator efficiency and minimises training requirements.

Touch Screen HMI – a full-colour touch-screen interface, with an intuitive icon-driven menu, provides easy operator access to additional features.

Rapid Set-Up Through Easy To Use Interfaces

All METTLER TOLEDO Safeline gravity fall systems utilise patented Internal Cancellation Field (ICF) technology which enables them to be installed close to other metal structures without compromising sensitivity performance. This technology, combined with the compact, innovative reject device design, means that Sealtite and Open Diverter systems offer the best overall space-saving solutions for situations where height is restricted.

Installation In The Tightest Spaces


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