Mettler Toledo Product inspection solutions

Product Inspection Equipment for Quality Control and Contamination Detection processes

For food and pharmaceutical manufacturers aiming to boost productivity, safeguard their brand, and adhere to compliance standards, Mettler Toledo product inspection solutions are a game-changer. Mettler Toledo comprehensive selection ranges from x-ray and metal detection to checkweighing and vision inspection tools. We also provide cutting-edge hardware and software for serialisation and aggregation applications as part of our production inspection services. Moreover, Mettler Toledo production monitoring software is designed to optimise productivity analysis. This is how we help businesses meet their production goals while ensuring quality and compliance.

Reliable Quality Inspection system

Avoid product recall and contamination by Mettler Toledo machine

X-ray Inspection system

Safeline X-ray product inspection solutions

x-ray inspection safeline,Mettler Toledo,product inspection

Provider of contamination detection and quality control product inspection equipment. Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide rely on in-line Safeline x-ray inspection systems to protect the welfare of consumers and safeguard brand reputations, minimise the risk of expensive product recalls and help with regulatory compliance. Mettler Toledo x-ray product inspection machines offer safety and quality assurance at every stage of the production process for raw, bulk-flow (loose), pumped and packaged products. Neither foil nor metallised film packaging affect the sensitivity of contaminant detection by x-ray.

Metal Detector

Safeline Metal detection machine

Metal Detector M31R

Inspect products and product quality in all formats, from packaged conveyorised food products and bulk powder or granular materials through to liquids, pastes and slurries. Safeline Metal detection product inspection systems can be utilised to provide compliance with food safety inspection standards, industry guidance and legislation. Mettler Toledo pharmaceutical metal detectors provide self-contained inspection systems for use with all tablets, capsules and pharmaceutical powders. These product inspection systems ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, validation and qualification of procedures.

Checkweigher SYSTEM

Garvens checkweighing solutions

Mettler Toledo,checkweigher,inspection,product inspection

Product Inspection solutions, built to suit your specific applications and environment, as well as your regulatory and industry requirements. Deliver productivity, product quality and profitability via the most comprehensive line of checkweighers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and non-food industries. A wide range of sizes and configurations are available to handle nearly any container type or package design, even at high production rates, to ensure accurate product delivery, reduced giveaway, and optimised production processes.


Vision Inspection systems for print, label and packaging

vision inspection, Al Thika Packaging, Mettler Toledo

Designed from the ground up to as product inspection systems to inspect product label quality across all market segments and packaging types, with the flexibility to perform additional formation and integrity checks on packaging should manufacturers require them. Metter Toledo vision systems perform accurate label and package quality inspections on plastic containers, glass bottles, jars, screw or snap-on caps, flat packages, cartons and pill packs. These product inspection systems operate at high speeds, allowing manufacturers to maintain throughput without compromising label and package quality.

ProdX – Data Management Software

ProdX, management software, Mettler Toledo, Product inspection

Advanced monitoring and record keeping functionality

Compliant with all current food safety standards, legislation and regulations, ProdX automatically records equipment testing routines, rejected items and quality relevant incidents.

Every one of our products has been designed to:

  • Ensure brand and consumer protection by using the most advanced technologies.
  • Increase productivity and profitability.
  • Uphold quality to comply industry legislation and codes of practice.

Our solutions benefit your business, protect your reputation and help you maintain your competitive advantage.


 Mettler product inspection

Detector from Mettler Toledo

Metal detection solutions

metal detection solutions

Vision Inspection system

vision inspection

Product inspection by Mettler Toledo


Safeline X-ray inspectors

Safeline, x-ray inspectors

  • How Mettler Toledo inspection equipment help you?

    • Effectively eliminate end-of-line defects and faulty or contaminated products.
    • Automate final inspection processes to increase production efficiency.
    • Prevent common or repeat mistakes caused by human error.
    • Ensure the high quality of the products and protect the brand.
  • The food and beverage industries

    Mettler Toledo understand that it’s vital the product reaching the consumer is exactly what it should be – no more, no less, correct, complete and safe, inside and out. Their systems provide inline product inspection solutions for the processing and packaging of wet, dry, fresh and frozen food in all sectors, and help your business comply with industry legislation and codes  of practice including IFS, BRC, SQF and FSSC 22000 standards.

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry

    From in-process to end-of-line applications, we can help you achieve the highest product quality and integrity, with the efficient and safe removal of contaminated, underweight or overweight, incomplete or damaged products. Mettler Toledo offering is further enhanced by innovative serialisation capabilities which are the cornerstone for all Track & Trace and anti-counterfeit programmes.

  • The Cosmetic and Chemical Industries

    Despite the broad range of challenges facing manufacturers, our systems can be tailored to find the right solution. Mettler Toledo advanced inline product inspection systems can be optimised for a wide  variety of applications and products – providing total confidence in the inspection, weighing and sorting of bulk liquids, powders or granules through to small and medium-sized packaged consumer goods.

  • Components, Textiles and Ancillary Products

    The hardest task for any manufacturer is ensuring that their products reach end-users in a safe, usable condition, and in the weight, shape and quantity they are expected to be. Whether inspecting for metal contamination in the textile industry, or determining piece count by weight for manufacturers of plastic, metal or electrical components or products, our solutions can be utilised in a wide range of applications.

  • Fully Integrated Solutions Tailored to Suit Your Needs

    Whatever your inline product inspection needs, we provide either stand-alone or fully integrated bespoke systems to address the challenges you face. Market Leading Global Brands. The brands of Mettler Toledo Product Inspection – Checkweighing, Safeline metal detector Xray, CI-Vision and PCE – combine to give you the most comprehensive range of product inspection equipment available, all supported by a truly global service network

Mettler Toledo – Al Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Mettler Toledo company in the Middle East. Since 1994  Al Thika has been supplying a wide range of machinery including Garvens dynamic Checkweighing systemsSafeline X-ray inspection, Safeline integrated metal detection systems and CI-Vision product inspection systems for food and non-food industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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