Glass Container X-ray product Inspection Systems

Product Safety and Quality Assurance for Glass Jars and Bottles

X3730 inspection, MT, Mettler Toledo,X-ray, inspection

The X3730 food x-ray system offers outstanding detection sensitivity in cans and glass containers, using an x-ray split beam to expose contaminants in the whole container.

 A split-beam (100W / 400W) x-ray system designed for inspection metal, glass and ceramic containers.

X3750 Glass Inspection Systems

Class-Leading Glass InspectionComplete inspection of glass containers at high line speeds up to 1200ppm, ensuring outstanding detection sensitivity of physical contaminants in jars up to 130mm in diameter.

Adjustable Angled X-ray Beam
Offering optimum beam geometry to inspect different types of jars, removing any blind spots within the jar for unrivalled glass-in-glass inspection.

Advanced Detector Technology
Unrivalled detector technoglogy ensures reliable detection levels are optimised for high speed container inspection.

Value-add Inspection Capabilities
In addition to contaminant detection the X3750 can inspect for accurate fill level and hosts an option to detect vacuum presence within the jar.