100% recyclable packaging for fruit by ATS Banding machine

The combination of cardboard tray and paper band protects the delicate fruit and automates the packaging process, ATS banding solutions.

The avocado is the world’s fastest growing fruit species. In 2018, around 650,000 tons of the high-fat fruit were consumed in Europe. In Germany, imports increased five times between 2008 and 2018: from 19’000 to 94’000 tons. The demands on the automation level of the packaging process are correspondingly high, on the one hand, and the savings potential for packaging material, on the other.

The combination packaging consisting of a tray made of cardboard, sugar cane (bagasse) or another renewable raw material and a paper band by ATS up to 100 mm wide offers many advantages:

  • The entire packaging is 100% recyclable. The percentage of already recycled material is also high, depending on the choice of packaging material.
  • The packaging does not use plastic.
  • The packaging process can be partially or fully automated, if required.
  • The previously high-quality and, if desired, double-sided printed paper band takes over the branding of the product.
  • Flexible information such as picking or expiration date, producer or codes printed on the band during banding replace labels.
  • The combination of tray and band offers optimum protection for the sensitive fruit. From the producer to the consumer.
  • The packaging is extremely customer-friendly. It can easily be opened by hand, simply separated and just as easily disposed of correctly. So that the materials used can be recycled again.

The solution is flexible and works not only for avocados and two packs. Tomatoes, apples, peaches and other fruit and vegetables could be packed in units of any size.

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