Consumers want their fruit and vegetables to be convenient, have a long shelf life, and be fresh, whether bagged, ready to serve, or on the go. The flexible film provides the best packaging solution for accomplishing this goal since it can prolong fresh food’s shelf life, slow its metabolism, and display products at their freshest.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), a digital technology explicitly created for coding flexible film, is used to code these products.

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Coding printer for fruit and vegetable by Markem-Imaje

TTO printer coding, SmartDate printer, barcode print

Marking printer for fruit and vegetable by Markem-Imaje

coding for fruits and vegetables

TTO, solutions for vegetable coding

Thermal Transfer Smartdate X65-128

Designed for wide format printing applications, the SmartDate X65-128, available from Pyrotec PackMark, delivers high-resolution coding on flexible film packaging as fast as 400ppm. Its printhead characteristics make it ideal for wide messages such as ingredients and nutritional coding.

Its fully intuitive 10.1” user interface makes daily operations easy and straightforward while providing the most valuable information you need to optimise and improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through MI Sigma reporting.

High-performance printing:

Delivers extended performance
Up to 128 mm x 150 mm printing area* capacity delivers twice the amount
of variable print versus a standard coder thus reducing costs.

Drives efficiency
Minimises time and effort by printing multiple codes on multi-lane
packaging lines on demand, quickly and efficiently.

Ensures code quality
Automatic printhead setup optimizes printhead lifetime and allows for
dead-dot monitoring.

Achieves superior printing speeds
Print speed can be set from 10 mm to 700 mm per second allowing for
more than 400 printed packs per minute at 300 dpi.

X65 - 128 Markem-Imaje printer, thermal transfer printer
TTO printer coding, SmartDate printer, barcode print