Compact, High-Speed and Precise Contamination Detection

For Small, Individually Wrapped Products

This eGuide offers an in-depth look at the X34C compact x-ray system, a device specifically designed for contamination detection in small, individually wrapped products. The guide focuses on three fundamental principles that form the bedrock of the X34C’s design:

  1. Compact Footprint: The system’s streamlined design allows it to seamlessly integrate into crowded production lines where other systems may not fit.

  2. High-Speed Capabilities: This principle speaks to the system’s capacity to merge with high-speed production lines without causing any slowdown in production rates.

  3. Precision Performance: This highlights the availability of necessary tools operators need for correct machine setup, as well as the accuracy the X34C guarantees when detecting contamination in small individual packages.

The guide further elaborates on how these three principles translate into tangible benefits for users.