Food Safety & Quality Assurance Compliance

Meeting food safety regulations and ensuring product quality are at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds in today’s competitive and highly regulated markets. Whether a local artisan or global multi-national, manufacturers must assure their retailers and consumers alike that every single product which leaves their facility is safe, of high quality, and in compliance with all local and international regulations.

“Bad news travels fast” and in these days of global connectivity and social media platforms, there is an ever present risk that a single case of contamination, of product degradation, or mis-labeling, can become tomorrow’s headline news and cause irreparable damage to a brand’s reputation. Furthermore, as customers grow ever more selective in their choices, whether that be for vegan, non dairy, gluten free, or organic foodstuffs, manufacturers are producing increasingly niche products on common production lines, so it is essential that no cross contamination can possibly take place.

Traceability must also be considered, since as a legal requirement for food products, no producer can afford to ignore the topic. The ability to specifically target recalls, by identifying raw components and materials as they enter the process, then track their use in specific products and batches, not only saves the manufacturer money, but assists in problem diagnosis, thus preventing recurrence and protecting the brand image.

Al Thika Packaging LLC has been active in the field of product inspection, line quality control, production data collection and coding and marking, for more than 20 years. We are uniquely positioned in the region as a supplier of all the essential components needed by a food manufacturer to meet local, international and regulations, and comply with market led standards such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) SQF 2000 (Safe Quality Food), ISO 22000 etc.

We have expert knowledge, decades of experience, world class equipment suppliers and a large team of trained sales and service technicians, so we can guarantee not only the right choice of equipment, but project management, integration, software solutions and the technical back-up necessary to create, maintain and certify complete line inspection, Q.C. management and track and trace solutions.

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Dubai Municipality scotches plastic rice rumours

“Reports like these are issued from time to time to question the safety of food available in the emirate’s markets. All types of rice available in Dubai markets are natural. Though high or low quality types of rice are available; they are within the approved specifications,” she said.

“There is no plastic rice in our markets. If it is there, it is easy to detect by sensing it or during cooking or adding any materials such as butter or oil, which will easily turn into a plastic mass by heat. The Municipality therefore urges consumers not to spread misleading and unrealistic rumors,” added Al Bastaki.

Dubai municipality plastic rice