These series of optical sorters represent the latest and most advanced form of optical selection.
These optical sorters allow the identification of any defect present in the product to be inspected thanks to the use of colour digital cameras able to distinguish up to 16 million colours and defects up to 0.09 mm.

The Infinity and Infinity Plus optical sorters are able to select any type of granular dry product, from seeds to cereals, from legumes to oleaginous ones.
It is possible to install different types of channels according to the characteristics of the product. The optical sorters are available in 6 models with 1 up to 6 slides to select up to 25 ton / h in cereals.

Full colour technology, tri-colour and morphology

The optical sorters of the INFINITY and INFINITY PLUS series make use of the trichromatic and full-colour technology, ie they are able to distinguish perfectly every slight shade of colour present in the product to be inspected exactly as the human eye would do.

Thanks to this technology the selection is much more precise and allows to minimize waste and increase the quality of the product inspected by making it safe and ready for the market.

The software allows in addition to the combined use of the recognition of shape, colour and size, so as to imitate in all respects the functionality of the human eye.


The software allows the customer to program the optical sorter in complete autonomy and without the aid of any technician. In fact, it will be sufficient to show the discarded product and the one to be kept to the optical sorter and in a few minutes you can start working.


The remote assistance service allows you to connect the optical sorter to the internet in a few simple steps and without having to wire the work environment. It will indeed be possible to connect with a simple smart-phone and the technician can easily intervene from our office in real time . The tele-assistance also allows the creation of “recipes” or programs of work at a distance , without the direct intervention of a technician.


 Template  Width  Depth  Height  Air consumption  Energy consumption
 mm  mm  mm  L / s  KW
 Infinity 1  930 1742 1978 8 2.3
Infinity 2  1400 1742 1978 16 2.8
 Infinity 3  1700 1742 1978 24 3.5
 Infinity 4  2090 1742 1978 32 4.2
 Infinity 5  2420 1742 1978 40 4.6
 Infinity 6  2780 1742 1978 48 4.9
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Infinity sorter, IST sorter, Italian sorter, sorting equipment


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