No mistakes with banding – No more delivery mistakes

laundry banding machine, al thika packaging, ATS


Various sizes of laundry bundles should be banded with the detailed hotel information such as the number and description of the articles. The information must be printed on the top and in the centre of each band for every bundle. The bundles should be banded once in the middle or twice for longer bundles. The required output is 24 bundles/min. and 14 bundles/min. for the long bundles.


On the transport conveyor belt of the US-2000 TRW-DMS-MP the measurements of length, width, height and lateral misalignment of the laundry bundles are taken. Based on this data the servo driven printer moves to the correct printing position so that the data can be printed in the middle of the band. Banding once or twice is dependent on the measured length and then the bundle will be pushed out on a conveyor belt.


  • The fully automated process clearly allows for fewer mistakes and the operating process becomes more efficient and rational.
  • Every hotel receives the correct laundry bundle which results in satisfied customers.
  • Each bundle is identifiable and traceable with the printed band.
US-2000 TRW-DMS-MP, banding machinery, al thika packaging
banding food, banding machine, al thika packaging