Products can be identified and traced throughout their entire lifecycle.

Marking and coding is an important part of the industrial production process, as it ensures that products can be identified and traced throughout their entire lifecycle. We are providing a wide range of printers for coding and marking needs, from thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) to laser coding machine to print & apply labellers. These industrial marking solutions are designed to meet any coding and marking requirement in a range of environments, from production lines to warehouse logistics. They make it easier to apply variable information on almost any type of substrate, including cardboard boxes, shrink sleeves, labels and more.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

X45 printer, SmartDate X45, TTO, Markem Imaje

Thermal transfer overprinters offer advanced features that enable printing of high-resolution graphics, multiple lines of text, and special characters. All of these factors result in the production of clear, error-free codes that help to improve product safety, traceability, and consumer satisfaction.

Industrial Laser Printer

Smartlase c600 laser printer by Markem-Imaje, Markem-Imaje Smartlase C600, C600 laser printer

Laser printers, utilised by industrial firms, are ideal for high-speed coding and marking, especially for products with complex printing requirements. In particular, fiber laser printing machines are equipped to print on a broad range of materials, from plastics and metals to laminates, coated cartons, and foils.

Print and Apply Labeller

2200 Pallet, pallet labelerAl Thika PAckaging

High-performance print and apply labellers are designed to adapt to various surfaces and shapes, offering a print resolution of up to 300 dpi. Print and apply labeling machine offers a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution, even in demanding 24/7 environments. Built on a proven concept, these printers ensure that your production line never misses a beat.

Large character coder

5400-piezo,Markem Imaje

Large character piezo printers is the eco-friendly Touch Dry technology. This innovative feature ensures that the ink dries instantly upon contact, reducing smudging and ensuring clear, readable prints every time.

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