Mettler Toledo X36 X-ray inspection equipment

The X36 Series is the latest generation of x-ray inspection equipment, which was designed considering customer feedback and using the wealth of application knowledge from our in-house x-ray experts. Developing outstanding and technologically advanced x-ray systems, the X36 Series is designed to inspect small, medium and large sized packaged products. A full range of inspection tools is available to detect contaminants, regardless of their size, shape or location whilst simultaneously performing product integrity checks. It’s ingenious design and core components are engineered in-house, offering the inspection at high line speeds, like no other x-ray system on the market for a wide range of products on single and multi-lane applications.

Outstanding Product Inspection

The most advanced and diverse x-ray inspection system on the market, offering outstanding contamination detection for packaged products in single and multi-lane applications.

Multiple Detector Options
0.4mm / 0.8mm detectors are available to suit individual customer applications and x-ray inspection requirements.

Low and High Powered Generators
Multiple generator options are available, making it one of the most adaptable x-ray inspection solution available on the market.

High Throughputs
The X36 Series offers high inspection speeds of up to 1,000 products per minute (depending on production dimensions, higher throughputs are possible).

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X36 Series Features and Benefits

Mass Measurement
The X36 Series can simultaneously perform gross and zoned mass measurement for portion control with feedback to the filling machine to protect profitability, as waste is minimised.
Optional System Size
The X36 Series is available in two lengths 1,200mm or 2,100mm, enabling manufacturers with limited factory floor space to comply with rigorous industry standards and reduce energy consumption.
Product Application
Designed specifically for inspection of small, medium and large sized packaged food products.
Hygienic Design
Easy cleaning and maintenance for optimum protection against pathogenic micro-organism growth. IP69 comes as standard for harsh washdown environments.
Low and High Powered Generators
20W/100W/300W/420W generators are available to suit individual applications, making it one of the most adaptable x-ray inspection solutions available on the market.