X3730 Glass X-ray Inspection system

Glass Container X-ray Inspection Systems

Split Beam Food X-ray Solution The X3730 food x-ray system offers outstanding detection sensitivity in cans and glass containers, using an x-ray split beam to expose contaminants in the whole container.

Multiple Generator and Diode Options
The X3730 offers a range of diode sizes and generator power options, ensuring outstanding detection sensitivity within the whole container.

Low Power Operation
Ability to operate with low level x-ray power reducing overall power consumption and contributing towards lower running costs.

Hygienic Design up to IP69
The X3730 encompasses the highest level of hygienic design with IP65 as standard and an upgrade option to IP69.


Full Range of Inspection Tools
The X3730 simultaneously inspects products for contamination such as glass, metal, stone and high-density plastic as well as performing product integrity checks to ensure brand protection.
High-speed Reject Device
A variety of optional reject mechanisms are available to ensure quick removal of faulty products at customer line speeds of up to 1,800ppm.
Diverse Connectivity Options
Allows multiple methods to interact with the system and retrieve statistics/images incl. PackML and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
High Throughput Capabilities
The X3730 is capable of inspecting up to 1,800 containers per minute, depending on application.
Adjustable Full Length Guide Rails
Offer quick and easy product set-up and consistent product presentation into the x-ray system.