Bostik and Al Thika Packaging LLC of Dubai have announced their cooperation in the Middle East, giving the global industrial adhesives manufacturer access to this important and growing market. Bostik is renowned for having developed 4 years ago the Kizen™ range which is the next generation of hot melt adhesive dedicated to cardboard box & case sealing for consumer goods but also for its high-quality adhesives devoted to the bottle labelling application. Bostik selected Al Thika in part due to their 25+ years of experience supplying consumables to the food and beverage industry in the Middle East, but also due their commitment to invest immediately in personnel and materials, even under the current challenging market conditions.

Al Thika is the Gulf’s leading supplier of packaging machine and materials, end of line quality inspection equipment and materials handling solutions. Tim Ansell, Sales Director of the company said “The Bostik range is a perfect fit for our company, since our existing customers in the food and beverage industry are already consumers of hot melt adhesives and the Kizen Force material in particular is a unique product, offering our clients greater performance, whilst reducing their packaging costs. We are excited by the opportunity this partnership presents us to develop our consumables business in the G.C.C.”

Allan Hubert, Business Development Manager for the Middle East region, said:

“The F&B market in the Middle East is expanding and this brings new challenges in product packaging for manufacturers in terms of quality, competitiveness and sustainability. Bostik is able to support its customers overcome these challenges with its product and service offering.

One of the cornerstones of our development strategy is to collaborate on a long-term basis with reliable distributors. Our partnership with Al Thika Packaging is a key step to the development of our Middle-East business. Indeed, thanks to its knowledge of the market, its rapid investment in setting up our collaboration and its high quality service to its customers, Al Thika Packaging will be a strong asset in the region. As Bostik, we are more than delighted to formalise this partnership which will support F&B manufacturers for years to come in the region.”

Kizen adhesive