Single-Double Pallet Handler with KOOI®ReachForks

Designed for the bottling, brewing, production or warehouse/shipping industries. Single-Double Pallet Handlers are a superior product built to help you perform in real working conditions and meet the demanding applications throughout the material handling industry. You can handle a single pallet or spread the forks hydraulically to lift, carry and side shift multiple pallets side by side.

But did you know that your Single-Double Handler can be equipped with KOOI®Reachforks so that you can work even more efficiently? In this way, you can even pick up 4 pallets at the same time (depending on the model) for your internal transport or to load or unload truck/trailers and railway wagons. Of course, you can also decide to load and/or unload the usual two pallets (next to each other) from one side. In any case, the handling time will be enormously improved. If you use different pallet sizes, the hydraulic forks, but also the manual KOOI®Reachforks, can be used as extension forks. In this simple way, you can easily prevent damage to pallets and goods and save a lot of trouble.