Net packaging line

Giro is able to deliver the best solution to the customer when it comes to net packaging systems.

This actual case study shows how to cope with a high demanding project for handling a wide range of fruit and vegetable such as avocados, oranges, lemons, grape fruit and limes through a single line.

This full-line solution showcases Giró’s complete offer outside grading and palletising.

Amongst other requests, the customer was expecting a high degree of versatility and productivity rates in order to accommodate his business demands. The line had to enable fruit inspection, weighing, counting and bagging in different styles such as Ultrabag, Girsac and Clip2Clip. On top of those requirements, strict quality assurance protocols from market retailers, compelled to add check weighing devices as well as automatic boxing at the end of the line.

In order to fulfil those requirements Giró is to afford a comprehensive line including: PDC500 buffer integrated with an inspection table, dynamic weigher PDG4L, three GirBaggers UB-60 with thermal transfer printerone clipper CA-10, two standalone checkweighers, one automatic box filling system GBF-100 with a de-stacker and box rejection system.

The whole system is to achieve an output of 7,200 kg/hour circa and had to fit in a 86 sqm corner in the packing shed.

Giro net packaging linw


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