Al Thika Packaging LLC offers equipement financing packages for U.A.E. customers

In 2019 Al Thika Packaging LLC is celebrating 25 years since we first began operations in Dubai and we would like to share our success with our customers.

We are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer our customers long term leasing packages on almost every product we supply. Most people think of leasing as a means to purchase a car, but in fact, it makes a great deal of sense when specifying production line equipment. By replacing a manual process with an automated one, or upgrading an old, inefficient machine with a new one, it is very often the case that customers immediately begin to save more money each month than the cost of their lease payments. Or they find they can afford to develop a new market sector without making a huge, up front capital outlay.

As an example, we have a customer who was able to reduce their stretch wrapping material costs by more than 3,000 Dirhams per month by investing in a top of the range powered pre-stretch Robopac machine. Although the customer did not have the capital budget to purchase the Robopac, the monthly outlay through leasing was only Dh 1,525.00. Since he could demonstrate immediate savings, the decision to lease the equipment was an easy one.

Below are just some typical examples of 36 month leasing costs, at today’s date.

Final prices depend on machine specification, warranty package etc.

All lease offers are subject to credit check approvals.

Lease offer, packaging machine on installment

The above are simply common examples, but we can also lease metal detectors, X Rays, check-weighers, pallet inverters, weigh price labellers – anything. If we currently sell it, we can also lease it. We also offer leased equipment with extended warranties, maintenance contracts and all consumable items, so for a fixed price each month, customers enjoy not only greater line efficiency, but no further service costs, guaranteed.


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