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How switching to laser coding can help with your sustainability KPIs

Among the myriad of challenges faced by manufacturers today are ever-increasing raw material and energy prices, disruptions to supply chains and increasing demand, from both consumers and regulators, for more eco-friendly packaging materials. Whilst many elements are beyond the control of processors and manufacturers, in the area of supporting sustainability goals, laser coding and marking can instantly help cut contamination and carbon footprints.

The coding solution

The global shift to sustainable and recyclable packaging materials in turn presents challenges in both maintaining marking and coding print quality and ensuring that the processes involved in this help achieve carbon reduction targets. The solution: laser coding!

This technology is inherently able to support sustainability goals on the production line through the benefits of being chemical-free, providing permanent codes and, through the latest innovations – reducing some of the energy requirements associated with coding with laser. Unlike other forms of marking, laser maintains compliant, high-quality, permanent codes – even on the latest recyclable and sustainable substrates.