Maximise Productivity and Brand Protection in the Food Industry

How to Detect Smaller Metal Contaminants and Reduce False Rejects

Aimed at food manufacturers and producers, this guide explores how to maximize productivity and brand protection. It explains how to identify characteristics in products that can mimic metal contamination, often called the “product effect”, which can produce false triggers.

By removing the influence of product effect, the smallest metal contaminants can be identified and rejected. This also reduces false rejects that slow down the production line, waste product and ultimately reduce profits.

This guide covers:

  1. How a metal detector works
  2. Six factors that influence performance
  3. How metal detectors support food safety
  4. Simple prevention strategies to overcome challenging applications
  5. Metal detection solutions designed to reduce false rejects
Read more about the steps you can take to support your productivity goals, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and protect brand reputation.

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