Fresh salads

Branding with Banding

Convenient fresh salads are marked ready for sale in one step

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Fresh salads in bowls. A machine was searched for which marks the product with daily changing information. At the same time, the packaging had to be designed visually more attractive and more inviting. The machine had to be compact and easy to operate.


The stainless steel US-2000 BDE banding machine with integrated thermal transfer printer and labeling system, bands, imprints and labels the product in one run. The fresh salad is delivered in the packaging to US-2000 BDE. The current data (in this case: price and date) are imprinted on the colored preprinted band. The band is pulled around the product and welded with Ultra-Sonic technique.

Upon delivery from the machine, the colored preprinted label with the known brand name is adhered on top of the band.


  • Three steps in one! The preprinted band contains all statistic data, such as content, infoline, EAN code and advertising text.
  • The changing data are imprinted just in time.
  • Thus the preprinted band can be produced in large quantities at a reasonable price.
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