100 Series – Semi Automatic Case Erectors

Endoline’s range of semi-automatic case erectors offer an ideal first step to packaging automation. They are designed to reduce the time and effort taken to manually erect a case, at a low capital cost.

The case erector will fold the lower flaps and hold the open case steady, in place, allowing packing to take place with both hands. This will increase productivity and reduce cost. Each semi-automatic case erector can be used either on its own or close coupled to a case sealer.

The semi-automatic range of machines can also be set to an angled position which is ideal for products that are unstable such as bags or bottles. This allows for ergonomic packing of these product types and the machine incorporates a section of horizontal belt drive so the case is easy to feed into the case sealer.

No set up or changeover is required on the case former offering complete flexibility. The former can be close coupled to a random case sealer offering a semi-automatic random case erecting and sealing solution.


The semi automatic case sealer range can handle cases between 200-600mm length and 120-500mm width.


Mild steel, powder coated white (RAL9010) or stainless steel.

100 Series – Semi Automatic Case Erectors



    With a surprisingly compact footprint these machines will fit in to areas with restricted floor space or areas not normally suited to the installation of large or bulky machinery.


    These machines are designed with clear access, simple controls and quick to adjust to size changes. The machines are operator friendly and allow for quick and easy size change, cleaning and maintenance to ensure minimal machine down time.


    High quality components housed in a robust chassis ensure minimal servicing and enable 24 hour operation. These systems are designed for the rigours of typical end-of-line packaging environments.


    The Endoline case erector machine range is designed to give you the best possible value for your investment through maximum productivity with minimal stoppage time. All Endoline’s machines are built for 24/7 operation and require little maintenance offering a long life expectancy resulting in a low cost of ownership.

EndolineAl Thika Packaging LLC

Al Thika Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Endoline in the Middle East. Since 1994 Al Thika has been providing a wide range of machinery includes case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, case loaders for food, pharmaceuticals and non-food industries in  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and the many other Gulf countries.


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